Ephesians Study – Chapter 1

So, I’m doing a little study with my dad on Ephesians (cool that we can email our study to each other these days). From chapter 1 alone, I have learned that Paul is making sure we understand who we are and the power we have in Christ. So far I’ve learned that I’m a saint, I’m blessed, chosen to be holy, predestined to be His adopted child, freely bestowed with His grace, redeemed by His blood, forgiven and lavished with the riches of His grace.
He has given me wisdom & insight to know the mystery of His will, I have an inheritance, I’m sealed with His Holy Spirit because I believe in Him – in fact He is the actual pledge to my inheritance and I’ve been redeemed as God’s own possession. I have a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know who He is and the eyes of my heart are enlightened to know the hope of His calling and the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the surpassing greatness of His power toward me.

About Ginger Terrell

Ginger’s work experience spans several industries to include Business Development, Sales, Marketing & Advertising, Insurance, and Food & Beverage. She is the Regional Director with the Southeast division of The Referrals Group and is passionate about business and personal development. Ginger holds a leadership MBA from Liberty University and is best known for elevating the lives of others through C.E.I.R.S. (Connect. Engage. Inspire. Refer. Succeed). When she’s not wearing her business hat, she enjoys gourmet cooking, blogging, traveling, music, and reading. #PeopleMatter
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