Beautycounter – Karyn Callari

As most of you know, I’m always pleased to refer people and their products and/or services when I have a stellar experience that is friendly, educational, and positive. Karyn Callari is one of those delightfully friendly souls that is a breath of fresh air, unpretentious, and truly interested to help people understand the importance of using products free of harmful chemicals.

I have the privilege to test the skin care line and am impressed with just how little you need to use with each cleansing, making it a truly cost-effective line. Even the sample kit itself was much more impressive than most samples of other skin care lines. The kit included mini-sized tube versions of each product (about the size of a slender pinky finger) with little screw-on caps. I predict the kit should last about a week when using a pea-sized amount of each product (although the eye cream requires only half that), and that includes usage twice daily. My skin feels clean and soft and there has been no sensitivities whatsoever.

I feel confident I could recommend this for those who have sensitivities as well as those who are looking for alternatives to brands that are not regulated by the government. Unfortunately, because there is no USA regulation in the skin care industry, companies are still able to use harmful ingredients and chemicals in many products we use everyday. This is where Beautycounter is different as they ban over 1500 chemicals and will NEVER use them in their products!

If you are interested to learn more about Beautycounter’s skin care line with no obligation, visit Karyn’s website. Her mission is to spread Beautycounter’s mission of providing the public access to safer products.

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I Am In Mourning For Lost Auld Lang Syne

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne (old times sake, or days gone by)….love, love, love this version. As I was listening to this song, it struck me…not only am I in mourning for the shocking personal betrayals I have experienced, I am in mourning for the absence of auld lang syne.

They say 2016 was a turning year in American history (and even our world) and life as we knew it will no longer be. Civil rights battles, terrorism, technology super hacks (among other things)…are our reality now…it is no longer happening “over there” or to “those people.” These things no longer surprise and shock us…it fact, we expect them.

Life has become a game of Russian Roulette. We are not safe in our malls or sports arenas or nightclubs or churches or schools or small towns or quiet neighborhoods. It matters not the venue. People can no longer point a finger to judge a group of people for being “there,” because the “there” might just be where the pointed finger is.

Life has also become a challenge to know and be known. We no longer see each other face to face but through small 3″x5″ screens (sometimes larger if you FaceTime on a laptop). There is a certain fascination with this, however, as entire nations have been brought together in one community via the Internet. Viral challenges seek to bring all of humanity together. Airtime is no longer reserved for the “elite” Hollywood and music icons. A YouTube video of an unknown person from an unknown town can go viral within a matter of minutes and reach millions of viewers and end up on Good morning America or Ellen or The Tonight Show or Oprah or Saturday Night Live. This too reminds me of Russian Roulette in that you never know which antic will make you an instant celebrity overnight.

There is no longer mystery or awe or wonder or shock or surprise. It is slowly being drowned out by all the chaos and the noise and the chatter.


Be still…and know that I am God. This verse resonates with me as I mourn for auld lang syne.

Elijah did not find God in the wind, earthquake, or fire…but in the still, small voice. This verse reminds me God wants me to come away to a quiet place to commune with Him.

I will never leave you or forsake you. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. These verses remind me that no matter how noisy my world gets, no matter who betrays me, no matter how lost I may get in the present state of my life, no matter if I am rejoicing or in mourning, Jesus Christ will never leave me because I am His. And HE IS my Auld Lang Syne, my Ancient of Days. And no matter where I find myself in this life of Russian Roulette, HE knows my destiny and my appointment to meet Him face to face.

This old world can pull the trigger over and over and over again, but I am safe because my security and my peace and my hope and my salvation all lie within Christ, the One who has forgiven all my sins and made me His forever child. HE decides when the final round is fired, and I have nothing to fear because when it is, I will be with Him and will no longer mourn or be in pain or see death.

So during this intermission we call “time,” between “forever past” and “forever future,” I will give and take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne.

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So, You’re the Networking Queen (or King). Show Me Your Treasure.


Business networking is all the rage and has been for quite some time. Various networking buzz words abound such as referral networking, social networking, professional networking and so on. Technically speaking, I’ve been in the “referral industry” since my elementary school days when I made my first connection to my schoolmate Ginger Lumpkin who had just discovered Barry Manilow. My mom had an album of all his greatest hits and I was able to “connect and refer.” As a result my mom gave Ginger that album (which sparked a lifelong musical love affair for her). Ginger caught up with me a few months ago while she was visiting Chattanooga and what old album was in the AirBnB? You guessed it.

Ginger Lumpkin 2017

30+ Years later, she’s still a fan of Barry.

Referrals: Challenging questions

But I digress. Professionally speaking, I’ve been in the referral industry for over 10 years. It’s in my blood. It’s the connection that excites me most – who do I know that can help you be more successful and move you towards your best future? However, this industry comes with its own challenges. Big questions exist like, “How well do I know the person I’m referring?” “What happens if my referral ends up being a disaster?” “What happens when I’m the one doing most of the referring to the detriment of my own financial well-being?” “How often do I need to network to keep my referral pipeline full?”

Networking: Which format is best?

And then there’s the actual task of networking to get those referrals. A Google search of the term “business networking” today produced 9.5 million results, while the term “referral networking” produced just over 414,000 results. “Referrals” produced a whopping 53.3 million results! One may ask why that’s relevant, and the answer is because there is an art to networking, and if we don’t understand how to network, we will forever be running from one networking event to the next with no hard data to show the success we’ve experienced in doing so. And may I be so bold to say that just because a well known face appears at every networking event over and over again, does not necessarily mean they are successfully living out a true referral networking model. A name is just that – the question is how is the name benefiting people in a positive manner? A person could probably spend all day every day at the number of networking events that exist, but without a clear vision and purpose, we might as well stay home.

Networking: I love you. I hate you.

Frankly, I have a love/hate relationship with networking because there are so many different belief systems as to how we should go about it. Some would say we should go to as many events and get as many connections as we can because it’s a numbers game. Others prefer to be members of exclusive referral groups where only one person from each professional category is granted membership. Still others prefer to do most of their networking online via LinkedIn or Alignable.  My opinion? It’s not about the venue or the method – it’s about why and how. Once we discover and learn those two essential keys, the business of networking will transform you both professionally and personally.

Networking Trolls

As most reading this already know, I prefer the exclusive referral group method in conjunction with utilizing the online sites I mentioned above. I detest attending various “events” for the sake of “being seen.” If you see me at an event, there’s probably a really good reason for it, not because I’m “trolling.” Networking “trolls” are what give networking a bad rap. We’ve all likely experienced them. We see them at every event. They make it a point to get their business cards in everyone’s hand and may even go around the room placing their flyers and business cards at everyone’s seat. And my all time favorite – when we enter into conversation with them, they monopolize it by ensuring we know that they know all the “important” people and have an insane need to impress us. Can anyone relate? (And if you are one – stop it! Eat a slice of humble pie and drop the act and just be authentic and transparent!)

Networking: Why and How?

No matter which networking method we choose to embrace, we must know why we are networking. Obviously we all need to take care of our financial obligations, but if there’s not a bigger purpose behind our wallet, perhaps we need to take a good look in the mirror and consider there might be some spiritual and personal development we need to pursue.


We spend the majority of our lives working and we have an impact on the people we cross paths with even if we don’t realize it. The very first question I ask a business client or a student when I consult with them is “Why did you choose this line of work or field of study?” Most of the time I either receive an “I don’t know” answer or “Because I want to help people.” I continue asking why until we hit the heart of who that person is at the core. For example, I do what I do because I am all to familiar with personal tragedy and loss, and I know what it takes to rise up out of shattered dreams and innocence and get back in the game with confidence and new sense of purpose. There are many people I need to connect with to inspire them to keep moving forward. My personal why statement is, “I exist to elevate the lives of others through C.E.I.R.S. (Connect. Engage. Inspire. Refer. Succeed).” Every choice I make, every event I attend, every connection I make must align with my why statement, otherwise I’m doing myself and others a disservice.


The second key to successful networking is the how. There is no sugar coating this one – be a person of integrity and follow up. We need to say what we mean, do what we say, and follow up to ensure expectations were met, and if not fix it if it is within our control to do so. I have taught people over the years the how behind networking, and for me the best way to learn that is in an exclusive referral group format such as The Referrals Group. Being laser-focused on building our skills as master networkers is the secret to our own success, because Zig Ziglar was right when he said, “You will get all you want in life when you help others get all they want in life.” It’s the oxymoron of our lives – give to get.


In conclusion, as the title indicated, if we claim to be networking queens or kings, we must have “treasure” to show for it. How many lives are we positively impacting? How many clients wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have our expertise and help? How many people refer us to others? How many people are following our lead? How much of our true self do our family and friends get? How do we help the poor and the needy? How do we invest in the next generation? The answers to these questions and more will show us what state our treasure boxes are in. What are we filling them with?














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Is Grace Really True?


If you struggle with grace and believe you must “work” to earn and/or keep your salvation, consider what the author of Romans in the New Testament of the Holy Bible preached about the matter…

Paul (formerly known as Saul of Tarsus) was a master theologian and one of the most prolific epistoleans of the New Testament after his conversion. He was born a Diaspora Jew, doggedly adhering to Jewish tradition, but also held Roman citizenship, which made him uniquely qualified to intelligently speak with Jews and Greeks alike. This former Pharisee and persecutor of the church was the student of Gamaliel, one of the most notable teachers of Jewish laws and customs in the 1st century.

He had participated in the stoning of Stephen, and had relentlessly tried to destroy the church of God because they believed Jesus was the Messiah. By Paul’s admittance, he had been just as zealous for “the traditions of Judaism” as those who were followers of The Way. It wasn’t until his blinding (literally) personal encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road that he was forever changed.

Paul’s conversion from Judaism to Christianity was so profound that he spent the rest of his life explaining the difference between righteousness based on the law, which he had sought in his former life and righteousness based on the death of Christ, which had true power to transform a life and set one’s standing right with God. The persecutor became the persecuted. The Pharisee became a humble follower of Jesus.

In Galatians he confirms that the Gospel he now preaches was not taught to him by any human, but rather a direct revelation from Jesus Christ Himself.

If there was ever a person who understood forgiveness and righteousness imputed to someone based on grace and not works, it is Paul.

I encourage you to read the entire chapter of Romans 4. We are blessed if we are forgiven, with our sins covered, never to be counted against us.

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Press Release: The Referrals Group Introduces Ginger Terrell as Regional Director for the Southeast


Contact: Bart Giles
Phone: 502-777-6639

The Referrals Group Introduces Ginger Terrell as Regional Director

Chattanooga, TN (May 3, 2017) The Referrals Group announced that Ginger Terrell will be the Regional Director for their new expansion into the Southeast. Terrell will serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the Southeast division and will work closely with highly skilled, busy professionals to build dynamic, effective, efficient groups who are like-minded and focused on quality and results. Ginger has lived in Chattanooga since 1978 and has a vast and varied network in virtually every business sector and social circle both here and abroad. Her work experience spans several industries to include Business and Career Consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Food and Beverage, and Insurance. During her downtime she enjoys blogging, listening to music, reading, and cooking.

The Referrals Group Founder, Bart Giles stated, “I am more than thrilled to have her join the team. Ginger is a 10-year veteran of the business networking sector, she holds an MBA from Liberty University and is known as a great connector and team builder,” reports Giles. “I think she will do great things in this area.  We are thrilled to have her on board to move the business forward.”

The referral process is hands down the best way to develop new business and build long-lasting relationships,” says Terrell. “I have spent a significant amount of time during the last decade training business professionals how to be effective networkers who provide quality referrals, and I’m not even the best trainer in the world! Probably the biggest asset I bring to The Referrals Group is my ability to be a ‘Master Connector;’ I live to connect people and watch beautiful things happen.”

According to Giles, The Referrals Group was created to improve the reputation of referral network marketing and to provide an organized way to confidently provide legitimate referrals, which produce positive results. The first group started in January 2014 in Lexington KY, and as of today 32 groups are dispersed between Louisville and Lexington. “This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model,” says Giles. “We create a custom plan for each group based around their collective goals. The expansion will permit us to offer additional services and/or an alternative to other networking groups in the Southeast for busy, successful professionals who are either unable to be a part of other groups due to classification lockouts and/or cannot attend weekly meetings on a regular basis.”

For more information on The Referrals Group, check out the website at or contact Regional Director, Ginger Terrell at  423-355-1921 or You can also find the Southeast division’s Facebook page at

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“No.” It’s Not a Dirty Little Word.


“No” can often be the most foreign, “positive” word we ever learn to say. But in the “no” we discover that we exist; we discover that we matter; we discover that whatever or whoever we say that word to cannot truly meet our deepest needs and desires if we were to say “yes.” “No” can actually liberate the soul – liberate the heart – and allow us to soar high above the things that have kept us down for so long.

Oftentimes, it is love (or acceptance) that is being sought and we fear that if we say “no” we will somehow nullify those two things in our lives. But that is not true because as I told a friend one day, “love just is…it is not something deserved,” so basically, we can quit trying to earn it. Instead of working feverishly to prove we are worthy enough, start learning to recognize what love looks like (I choose to base my definition of love on the Biblical examples described in I Corinthians 13), and then begin to practice love in those ways and surround ourselves with people who reciprocate love in those ways.

When we begin loving people with the I Corinthians 13 model and start allowing (and expecting) to receive love in that way as well, we begin to realize that “no” is not a dirty, selfish word. In fact, it begins separating out and pushing away those things that drain us and keep us from feeling alive.

I used to be afraid to tell people “no.” I used to think they would be disappointed in me or judge me or feel as if I didn’t care about them. Today, I am probably a rip-roaring “no-addict” (ha) because I am fiercely protective of my time, my mind, and my heart. It is what keeps me sane and alive and in tune with the things I am supposed to be doing and the people I am supposed to be helping.

“No” is about setting proper boundaries. The word in not intended to be used to get out of our responsibilities of daily living or to wield power over another human being. Rather, if used in the proper context, it can help keep our children safe from harm, reduce the amount of unneeded stress in our lives, and keep us from doing a disservice to others, which always results when we say “yes” out of a need for confirmation of self-worth.

In addition, saying “no” in healthy ways, especially with our children, is essential. “No” can be a negative term if that is all they hear every time they do something that is a natural course of their developmental growth. When we begin to send only negative messages to our children regarding their behavior, it is human instinct to rebel and want to test the limits. If we could present the appropriate behavior as the standard of conduct, rather than shouting no’s and don’ts and stops and quits and cant’s, it will likely produce more right choices than wrong (see image below).


This can also translate into our personal, business, and religious lives. If we find ourselves hurried and rushed and stressed to the max, perhaps it’s time to take personal inventory. My rule for taking on additional tasks is to ask God if that is His will for me and to honestly assess whether it could propel me further into the calling on my life or if it could potentially take me in the opposite direction. I am learning that my identity is in Christ alone and I am free to stop doing activities I have clearly participated in to prove my self-worth to others. I don’t need to prove that.

Here’s a practice run for you:

“Hey, can you do __________________________________?”

Your response: “I appreciate you considering me, however, I have other obligations. I know you’ll find the right person!”

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Anger, God, and Temples


As I was reading today’s devotion from David Jeremiah’s Hope for Today, an interesting sentence stood out to me: “Jesus’ anger was righteous indignation at how God was being dishonored by the Pharisees, and how the temple was being used.”

While this specific story was regarding Jesus turning over the tables in the temple because of the people making it a marketplace, I can’t help but wonder if there’s an analogous meaning to this as well.

The Bible tells us that all humans were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). Additionally, our bodies are the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells if we are born-again Christians (our bodies are not our own because we were bought with a price – I Corinthians 6:19-20), which got me thinking.

If Jesus would get that angry on one ocassion, how much more must God’s anger be kindled when he sees people dishonoring themselves and others? The obvious sins here would be rape, molestation, physical abuse, human and sex trafficking, murder, etc.

But what about the actions we enter into without even realizing that what we are doing is considered dishonoring or using ourselves or others? Are we frivolous in our sexual activity in the name of “my body, my rights?” Do we exasperate and/or provoke our children with our constant yelling and setting too many expectations in the name of “discipline” (Colossians 3:21; Ephesians 6:4 and 4:15-19). Do we manipulate people into doing things our way thus violating their own free will of thought and action?

And what about our places of worship? Are they truly a sacred place to seek God? Are they open and welcoming to all people? Are people allowed to struggle and question and doubt in an environment that is safe and free from judgement and disdain? Is it free from the commercialization of our society, or is it selling its own wares in the name of “ministry?”

What can we begin doing today to upset the dishonorable tables we have slowly, over time, allowed ourselves to setup in our hearts and minds? What can we do to pitch what we thought were “profits” from the wares on those tables and instead allow God to take his rightful place again on the throne of our lives?


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